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We had a record breaking number of kids audition for “1001 Arabian Nights.” This cast is larger than usual so we have decided to include a special ensemble. That said, priority was given to upper classmen when possible so our special ensemble will be made up of 6th graders. We thought this was preferable to cutting large numbers of dedicated budding young artists.

Kacey was blown away by the talent of the many kids who auditioned which made the casting decisions quite difficult. Thank you to all who auditioned and congratulations to the cast of “1001 Arabian Nights!”

Scheherazade​ Amelia Schafer

Grand Sultan​​ Henry Alexander

Advisor 1 ​​​Beckett Gough

Advisor 2​​ Natalie Grewe

Advisor 3​​​ Kiara Snisky

Advisor 4 ​​​Audrey Happel

Dunyazade​​ Isabelle Killough

Servant 1​​​ Chloe Nancarrow

Servant 2​ Katie Craig

Servant 3​​​ Sarah Faik

Servant 4​​​ Sophie O’Mahony

Ghost Father ​​ Henry Roessler

3 Princes and the Princess:

Prince Adar​ ​Camilla Correani

Prince Ahmed​ Savanna Kenney

Prince Ali​​  Jackson Hanf

Princess Nouronnihar Lucy Holland

Sultan​​​ Bodhi Jedrzejczyk

Carpet Merchant  Shreya Soman

Tradesman 1​​  Annabelle Manne

Mysterious Seller​ Luna Romero

Shopkeeper​​ Priscilla Aliyar

Izad​​​​ Isabelle Muresan

Townsperson 1​ ​Grace Allen

Townsperson 2 ​​Yana Conour

Townsperson 3 ​​Polly Barnes

Doctor​​​ Miles Reed

Child​​​​ Ally Fuller

Apple Peddler​​ Ainsley Brown

The Fox and the Wolf

Fox ​​​​Sophie Goodwin

Wolf​​ ​Cali Rose Karstad

Man​​​ Kyle Chen

The Fisherman and the Jinni

Jinni​​​​ Erin Dornan

Fisherman​​ Allison Khalil

Merchants, Townspeople, Servants, Party Guests

Claire Woodruff

Lucian Smith

Ella Hutchinson

Carmen Lahti

Abigail Dinsmoor

Amelia Henriksen

Skylar Short

Jonah Green

Britta Wuttig

Dana Ganev

Allie McFeron

Guinness Gordon

Fraser Barnes

Ciara Crouse

Anna Colton

Siena Colombo

Hailey Crews

Allison Corcoran


Maddie Chinn

Allison Chinn

Salma Masarwa

Luella Gerth

Onika Darling

Bradley Martin

Miles Levine

Again, many thanks to all who auditioned. Kacey was so impressed with the level of talent and as a result, casting this show was not an easy task. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this process.

If you were not cast, please consider joining the Friday Acting Class and/or Techninical Crew. These are great opportunities to be involved in drama and further develop your skills. More information is available on the web site:

We are looking forward to our first rehearsal on Monday at 4 in room 138. Please make sure your child brings a water bottle and snack. Crew will start the following Monday so please let us know if you or someone you know are interested in participating in our stellar backstage and/or creative crew.

Lastly, our mandatory parent meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 7 at 5:45 in room 138.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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