Great Opening Show!

Wow!  Cast and Crew put on a spectacular opening night performance!  I heard great reactions from the audience from back stage and the cast and crew felt great about the show.  Let’s keep that energy up for the next two performances. Students stay after school again today and we will feed them dinner.
Tomorrow (SAT) call time is 12:00 noon.  We will NOT feed them, so give them plenty of food before they arrive and send a snack and water with them.  The show starts at 2:00.
Thanks for all the parents whose volunteer hours make everything run smoothly!  The menus and signs for dinner were amazing and the kids were so touched by the extra thought and work that went in to providing a special dinner experience for them  (there may have been tears from the director).  A special thank you goes out to Miriam and Elizabeth (Lily and Cordelias’ moms) for their creative and thoughtful dinner experience.
Did you get your raffle tickets last night?  Or a show Tshirt to support the program?  They will be available at every performance, along with color programs, flowers, and note cards to recognize your all your child’s hard work.
Tickets are available at the door for all performances!
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