It’s Almost Show Time! PLEASE READ

This week (November 26-29) is ALL CAST from 4-6 every day!  Crew meets Monday and Wednesday 4-6 as usual.  It is very important that call cast come every day this week.  Tomorrow we will do the group photo for the program!

Next week (December 3, 4, 5) is tech week, and ALL CAST AND CREW is called from 4-8 pm! Please provide DINNER for your child on December 3, 4, 5 (dinner break is 6:00).   This is a very long week for actors and crew, and we will encourage them to do homework during any down time.  You can help by reminding them to get enough sleep, stay hydrated, do homework,and eat healthy.

Opening Night December 6th!  Cast and crew will stay after school during show nights to get ready for the show.  Volunteers will feed them dinner (see the sign ups in the previous email).  The show will be finished around 9 pm.  For the matinee on December 8th, cast and crew need to be at the school at 12 noon for the 2:00pm show.  We will NOT provide lunch, so give your child an early lunch and send a snack, if they want.

CREW BASES- Crew must wear all black for all performances to blend in behind the scenes.  Please email the producer if you need assistance obtaining a black base.

CAST BASES – Please send the following bases with your child on MONDAY DECEMBER 3!  Find your child’s role below and check this week that you have the necessary base for your child to wear under the costume. If you have any difficulty obtaining any of the listed items, please let me know ASAP, so I can gather them.  We do have some extra base items in the costume collection and I can buy what is needed, but I need some warning.  PLEASE GO OVER THIS WITH YOUR CHILD SOON!  Email me if any of this is unclear.


Girls = white tank + white capri leggings

Boy (Cai) = white T-shirt + white (provided) pants


All girls = black tank + black capri leggings


Girls = white tank + white capri leggings

Boys = white T-shirt  + white (provided) pants


All girls = black tank + black capri leggings

Single characters:

Mama Euralie = tank + leggings (black?)

Ton Ton = khaki pants

Ti Moune/Little Ti Moune = spaghetti strap tank under and black capri leggings.

Peasant girl = black tank + leggings

Daniel = white T-shirt + white pants or white jeans

Daniel’s son = white T-shirt + white (provided) pants

Gatekeeper = white T-shirt + white (provided) pants

Daniel’s father = white T-shirt + white (provided) pants

Andrea = white tank + white bikers shorts

Papa Ge = black T-shirt + black pants

Asaka = black tank + black leggings

Agwe = Spaghetti strap tank (either white, skin color, grey, light blue – /white biker shorts

Erzulie = She doesn’t need a base (she could wear a tank top and short leggings/biker shorts if she wants)

MAKE UP – ALL CAST will benefit from wearing simple stage makeup to enhance their features on stage.  The lighting  washes them out.  Blush, foundation ,and possibly light lip color is enough, but eye makeup is fine as well.  We  DO NOT share make up, so each actor will need to bring a few make up items in a zip lock bag marked with his or her name on MONDAY DECEMBER 3rd, along with the base.  The dollar store is an acceptable place to purchase a couple items for stage make up if your child does not already have some.

CAST ANS CREW PARTY – Saturday December 15th at 2:00 pm at Superplay (Beaverton).  Cost is $16 per child and it includes pizza, drink, dessert, and laser tag.  Please pay on SchoolPay.  More information to follow soon.

NOTE that to attend the party, cast and crew must attend STRIKE with an adult from 10-1 at WSMS!

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