More Important Reminders: Pick Up Rehearsal and Footwear

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  Extra rehearsal Wednesday December 13th from 4-6 for all cast  Crew does not need to attend.


We talked with most of the kids about the shoes but just in case, here is a recap…

Grands Hommes (including Daniel, Daniel’s father, Gatekeeper, Daniel’ son) – Gossipers (dressed all white):

If possible, it would be great to have white shoes. Flats or sneakers but all white, with no or subtle logo.

– All white Vans, Toms, Keds, Sperry, Nike Roshe, espadrillas, etc.

No boots: they are on a Caribbean Island, and most are supposed to be barefoot so no big heavy shoes, more a summer look. The shoes will be needed on Wednesday (full make up – dress rehearsal), Thursday at the latest. Please let us know if you need help with this.


Villagers and Ensemble:

as for their base, please wear all black shoes, flats or sneakers. Again, no boots.



Either all black or all white (same as above).



Asaka: black, brown or green flats

Agwe: silver or grey flats (or watery blue like the costume)

Erzulie: red flats

Papa Ge: black sneakers or boots


If you aren’t able to get it, please bring your option on Monday and we’ll see if it can work out with your costume.



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