I am sorry to inform you that once again, we have to move the audition for the spring play due to a new policy from the district regarding hiring/payment for our director (Kacey).
AUDITIONS FOR 1001 Arabian Nights ARE FEBRUARY 25th OR 26th.  Call backs are February 27-March 1.
Crew will now begin on March 11th!
The drama program (while completely self-funded and run by parent volunteers), is hosted by WSMS and the school district.  The district recently changed a policy requiring our directors to be district employees, so that process is taking a bit longer than expected.  The school district will not allow Kacey to hold auditions until everything is processed by the district.  Unfortunately, I hold no power in the situation as a parent volunteer.  I appreciate your patience and understanding in this unique situation.  I can only proceed in the timeline the district dictates.
I am proud of the professional drama program that has been created at WS (established before I took over as producer) and strive to continue to be professional and transparent and to produce a quality theater program that will continue to grow and thrive in the future.  The date changes are unfortunate, but necessary.  Thanks for understanding that this will in no way affect the quality of the spring production of 1001 Arabian Nights.
Please share the news with your children and assure them that Kacey will make up the missed rehearsal time with extra call days for everyone.
If you have returned an audition form, no need to complete a new one.  The web site will be updated shortly.
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