Parent Meeting Reminder

REMINDER:  Mandatory parent/guardian meeting for the cast of 1001 Arabian Nights TOMORROW, MARCH 7th from 5:45-6:00 pm.

Please bring your completed registration form to the meeting, if you have not already returned it.
We will be respectful of your time and make the meeting short, but informative.
Remember that is it imperative that all cast participate in the mandatory rehearsals and that casting decisions have been made, in part, based on availability listed on the audition form.  PLEASE inform us as soon as possible if you have discovered a conflict that was not listed previously, so Kacey can make adjustments as needed.  
Rehearsal reminders:
Actors must bring the script every day, along with a pencil for marking the script.  
Actors should also plan to have water and extra snack.
Actors must wear closed-toed shoes and comfortable clothing for moving around the stage.
No cell phones are allowed during rehearsal (unless permission is granted to contact a parent).
PLEASE EMAIL if you are sick and missing rehearsal!
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