The Prince or Princess and The Pauper Cast List


Our director, Kacey was impressed by the talent of the many kids who auditioned, which made the casting decisions quite difficult.

Next week these kids, named below, will begin rehearsing Tuesday, February 18th  to Thursday, February 20th, 4-6 pm in the Dance Room and Kacey will assign specific roles at the end of the week.

The list of kiddos below are in the Spring Play “The Prince or Princess and the Pauper.”

The Prince and Princess and the Pauper Cast List
Abigail Dinsmoor
Aileen Droege
Ainsley Brown
Alex Coltman
Allie McFeron
Allison Chinn
Allison Corcoran
Anna Colton
Ari Romero
Astrid Lippy
Audrey Happel
Beckett Gough
Bodhi Jedrzejczyk
Britta Wuttig
Camilla Correani
Carmen Lahti
Carson Stone
Chloe Nancarrow
Ciara Crouse
Claire Woodruff
Clark Vandiver
Dana Ganev
Elena Jolly
Elizabeth Lyon
Faina Adams
Fraser Barnes
Hailey Crews
Henry Roessler
Iris Foster
Kyle Chen
Liv Hasek
Lucian Smith
Luella Gerth
Luna Romero
Maddie Chinn
Mathilde Dettling
Mia Evans
Mia Herrin
Miles Levine
Miles Reed
Natalie Grewe
Perryn Jones
Polly Barnes
Priscilla Aliyar
Ruby Berman
Salma Masarwa
Sarah Faik
Savanna Kenney
Shreya Soman
Siena Colombo
Skylar Short
Sophia Tolmé
Tate Colton
Teaghan Matheny
Yana Conour

Thank you to all who auditioned and congratulations to the cast of “The Prince or Princess and the Pauper”.

We would like to see the 6th and 7th graders try out again next Fall for the winter musical (announced May 16th).

Please note, with this program, attendance is mandatory at all Monday rehearsals and the two Saturday Rehearsals.  This also includes other days that specific cast members are called to rehearse, a calendar will be sent out with a “Rehearsal Schedule” each month.  Depending on the role your kiddo is assigned, this program has a similar commitment to a sport or dance program.

If you were not cast, please consider joining the “Technical Crew”.

It is a great opportunity to still be involved and learn more about the production process.  Reach out to if you are interested.

We have a mandatory Cast and Crew parent meeting on Thursday, February 27 at 5:45 – room to be determined.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions. 

Allyson and Kristi (Parent Volunteers- Co-Producers)


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