Thursday Callbacks


Unfortunately due to weather conditions, we are unable to hold callbacks today.  To compensate for this fact, Thursday and Friday callbacks will be larger groups and will run 4-7pm both days.  Callbacks will be held in room #138.  If your child is only available for a portion of the time, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your situation.
The callback list for Thursday is as follows.
Allison Khalil
Audrey Happel
Annabelle Manne
Cali Rose Karstad
Isabelle Killough
Camilla Correani
Henry Alexander
Isabelle Muresan
Erin Dornan
Ainsley Brown
Chloe Nancarrow
Jackson Hanf
Henry Roessler
Sophie Goodwin
Lucy Holland
Amelia Schaffer
Beckett Gough
Savanna Kenny
Anna Colton
Sarah Faik
Shreya Soman
Kiara Snisky
Polly Barnes
Natalie Grewe
Priscilla Aliyar
Please check the blog and your email tomorrow for Friday’s callback list.
Happy Snow Day!
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