May 8 Rehearsal Reminders

REMEMBER dress rehearsal today from 4-8 pm.  We need every minute to polish this amazing production.  We need cast and crew ready to go right at 4 pm!  Please remember dinner break is at 6 pm and send plenty of water!  It is warm in the gym and they are in full costumes, tech is running around, and lights are on.  Cast and crew should plan to bring a water bottle into the drama room today and for shows, as they will be thirsty and cannot leave during the show to get their water bottle.  We will remind them as well.

If your child still has not brought ALL BLACK shoes, today is the day to make sure they have them.  We will be photographing dress rehearsal, so we want everything as it will be for the show tomorrow.
Remember to put the pick up rehearsal on your calendar for all cast and crew, Wednesday May 15th from 4-6 pm.  We will run parts of the show, but will not be in costume or make-up.
Tomorrow and Friday students will stay after school until the end of the show (around 9 pm).  This is a great day to sleep in, do homework, and rest their voices.
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