May Calendar and Reminders – Opening May 9th

We open our show in 5 days!  Next week is very full with ALL CAST AND CREW called Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 4-pm for tech. week.  We will run the show with full dress, make-up, and tech crew running essential stage, light, and sound.  It is very important to be at every rehearsal.  Wednesday is no school and it is a great chance to catch up on sleep and homework.  Please let me know if you need help with getting your child to rehearsal that day.  We expect everyone at rehearsal May 8th for full dress – it is out last rehearsal before opening.

Please send dinner (or bring it) on tech days (M, T, W).  We will break for dinner near 6:00 pm.
Show opens on Thursday, May 9th.  Students will stay after school until show time and parents will provide dinners on show nights (not on matinee).  Matinee is on Saturday and all cast and crew must be there at noon.  The show is at 2:00 pm.
PLEASE send your black base and make up on Monday, marked with name.  Some actors have been told to wear other colored bases.  They should know who they are.  ALL CREW must wear all black.  Please let me know if this is a problem and we will help.
THANK YOU to all the parents who have signed up to volunteer in many ways for shows (concessions, dinners, tickets, stage, make-up, etc.).
STRIKE is Saturday May 18th from 10-1 in the lower gym.  All cast and crew must attend with an adult.  We are usually finished before 1:00 with everybody’s help.
CAST and CREW PARTY May 18th, 2-4 pm at Superplay Beaverton.  Cast party includes pizza, a drink, laser tag, and cupcakes.  It is a chance to celebrate the fabulous show they all worked so hard to create.  There is NO extra cost for the cast party, as it was included in your fee.  Parents who wish to order food and drinks may do so at the venue.  Note that each student must have an adult responsible for them. If you are not attending the cast party, please make sure there is an adult who will take responsibility for supervising your child.
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