Peter Pan Jr. Cast List


Thank you for auditioning for Peter Pan Jr.!

West Sylvan Drama has never had this level of interest. As a result, we are forced to cut kids who we know would be valuable, dedicated, and talented cast members. While this breaks our hearts, we need to keep numbers down to maintain a safe environment. We were incredibly impressed with the talent of the incoming 6th graders. That said, it was necessary for us to consider seniority when making casting decisions. Please continue to come out to auditions at West Sylvan Drama and any of the other theatre youth programs Portland has to offer.



Peter Pan Savanna Kenney

Wendy Camilla Correani

John Audrey Happel

Michael Fraser Barnes

Liza Ainsley Brown

Nana Miles Levine

Mrs. Darling Grace Allen

Mr. Darling Henry Roessler 


Lost Boys:

Nibs Britta Wuttig

Slightly Luna Romero

Curley Shreya Somon

Twin #1 Natalie Grewe

Twin #2 Polly Barnes

Tootles Anna Colton 



Captain Hook Beckett Gough

Smee Miles Reed

Noodler Kyle Chen

Jukes Carmen Lahti

Starkey Bodhi Jedrzejczyk

Cecco Chloe Nancarrow 


Brave Girls:

Tiger Lily Priscilla Aliyar

Small Brave Girl Sydney Jordan

Brave Girl #1 Alex Coltman

Brave Girl #2 Astrid Lippy 


Featured Dancers:

Allie McFeron

Allison Corcoran

Hailey Crews

Ella Hutchinson

Emilia Cafiso 


Ensemble: (Lost Boys, Peter Pan’s Shadow, Brave Girls, Pirates, Crocodile) 

Lucia Williams

Claire Woodruff

Mathilde Dettling

Allison Brindorf

Ciara Crouse

Francis Vowels

Abigail Dinsmoor

Skylar Short

Siena Colombo

Luella Gerth

Yana Conour

Sophia Tolme

Salma Masarwa

Katie Craig

Onika Darling

Amelia Henriksen

Maddie Chinn

Allison Chinn

Ruby Berman

Madeline Anderson

Tate Colton

Mia Herrin

Gabrielle Hill

Clark Vandiver


We are looking forward to our first rehearsal on Monday, September 23rd, 4-6pm in room 138. Please make sure you bring a water bottle, pencil and a healthy snack.

If you would like to consider being on the awesome crew, please email and attend the Crew Information Workshop on September 30th, 4-6pm in the lower gym.

Lastly, our Mandatory Parent Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 26th at 5:30pm in room 138.


West Sylvan Drama


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